Three vessels from the series The Volcanics
Three vessels from the series The Volcanics
Picture of Bruno Vinel

Creating unique ceramic pieces

Join me to discover how I design and craft unique ceramics pieces and my research into the techniques I use.

By sharing my journey, through successes and failures, I hope to encourage you to take up clay and craft.

Demonstrating and occasionally teaching are also useful ways for me to encourage people to try pottery.

I only produce a limited number of pieces. I sell or gift the best ones to people who support my craft and the charities I help.

Check out my portfolio to discover more.

Commissions are welcome.


Picture of Bruno Vinel

When depression shows up, consider crafting!

This article for the Mental Health Awareness week is an opportunity for me to share my experience with mental health and how I found ways to support myself. I hope my journey will inspire you.

Back in 2015, at fifty years old, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I did not envisage that the journey to recovery would take me three long years, my marriage would break down, I would experience severe depression, and consequently would find a passion for making ceramics.

It all began with an idea to feel better

My pottery journey was briefly initiated 45 years ago but the last two and half years offered me the opportunity to met amazing people who helped me develop my ceramic skills and above all, to have fun.

Wychbury Ceramics
Stourbridge, United Kingdom

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