Small blue bowl

July 2018

Watch this bowl on the wheel!

This bowl was turned with 500 gr of Staffordshire clay in July 2018. The design was inspired by some of the bowls I saw in a Tokyo museum back in April 2018.

The base is narrow, only 4 cm diameter. My interest was mainly to find an aesthetic shape over the functionality of the bowl. When throwing tableware, a potter needs to take into account how the piece will stand in hands and on a table.

The Staffordshire clay was very pleasant to throw and I managed to make very thin walls that matched with the shape of the bowl.

The piece was bisque fired and decorated with a dark blue underglaze, and a combination of commercial glazes – grey blue and transparent – available at Turning Earth E10 studio, in London, UK.

Diameter 13.5 cm. High 8 cm.

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