Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition – 17th Nov – 5th Dec 2021 – Stourbridge

I co-curated and exhibited at the first contemporary ceramics exhibition that took place at General Office gallery, 12 Hagley Road in Stourbridge DY8 1PS, from Wednesday the 17th of November until Sunday the 5th of December 2021.

I exhibited two new series of pieces alongside five other ceramicists from the Midlands region and two from London. We are all connected through our ceramic activities. There were 60+ pieces displayed that showcased a wide variety of approaches with many linking themes and influences. 

There was an opportunity to meet the artists on Saturday the 27th of November between 2 and 5pm.

Open Wednesday until Sunday – 11am – 4pm. Closed Monday and Tuesday. Stair access only.

Update on the preview evening

It was a very successful evening with many friends and family turning up to support us. Few pieces were sold. Most importantly the visitors praised the selection of vessels reflecting the variety of inspiration and techniques used by the artists, and how the exhibition was set up, offering the possibility to see connections between ceramic pieces.

I was very happy to share how I was inspired to create my vessels – by my health experience, a black clay or a Miró’s painting the Constellations- and what ceramic means to me. The feedback was very encouraging and helped me realise how much progress I made over the last year.

Simon Meddings the gallery owner and other visitors were impressed by the quality of my pieces but also surprised by the differences in styles of the series I displayed. I really enjoyed using different inspirations, clays and techniques to make these three series. This is the beauty of ceramic, a never-ending source of inspiration and ways of making.

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