The Volcanics series

This new series was developed in the summer 2021 and started with an experiment with black clay and a new shape.

The black clay is from Valentine Clay and contains iron, manganese and cobalt oxides. When fired at 1,200 degree Celsius it turns from red to black.

The new shape was inspired by vessels made by Lucie Ries or Emmanuel Copper, although I gave them my own twist.

The glaze, a red commercial glaze from Terracolor, reacted during the firing with the oxides in the clay and bubbled, creating an effect that reminded me of my visits to the Teide volcan in Tenerife island, and the caldera volcan in the Reunion island.

I decided to apply the glaze only inside the upper part of the vessel and to leave the outside unglazed to reveal the black clay texture.

This is how I came with the name of the series, the Volcanics!

The series is so far made of four pieces. More to come…

  • Black vessel Diam 24cm x H 20cm
  • Black vessel Diam 16cm x H 14cm
  • Black vase Diam 9cm x H 18cm
  • Tumbler Diam 10cm x H 9cm
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