Three vases with copper glazes

Picture of three porcelain vases decorated with green glazes

In the spring 2021, I threw these three porcelain vases and decorated them.

The first vase was thrown with paperclip porcelain and decorated using two glazes that I prepared using copper oxide. The bottom glaze is a recipe from Emmanuel Copper and the top one a mate glaze from Linda Bloomfield with an added copper oxide. They were applied using an atomiser and fired to 1,210 degree Celsius. I really like the darker glaze which is edging towards a metallic finish. You can find the glaze recipes on my page.

Diam 8cm x H 16cm

The two other vases were decorated using Mayco Peacock Matte and White Crackle raku glazes. They were fired at the raku workshop I reported in a previous post. I was really pleased with the richness of effects of the reduction on the copper in the peacock glaze.

Vases Diam 9.5cm x H 13.5cm and Diam 9.5cm x H 14.5cm

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