The Abyss series

The new Abyss series was inspired by the cylinder shapes that I love to throw with porcelain and the discovery of two amazing glazes from Mayco.

One is called Shipwreck and show dark dots on a green glaze. The second is called midnight blue and the dark dots run on the surface of the pots. The vessels reminded me of my dives in Mauritius and Comoro Islands.

After a period of three weeks were I was not able to throw a single piece – a proof of how stress can impact on my capability to control my hands- these pieces were made in a week just on time for the exhibition in Moseley, Birmingham (27th Nov – 5th Dec 2021).

The series received good feedback at the exhibition. It was a result of regular practice of throwing shapes that I like and taking some risks with new glazes.

I will certainly make more vessels using these glazes.

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