The Kimmeridge series

The Kimmeridge series is inspired by my visit to Kimmeridge bay, Dorset, over the Summer 2022. I was really impressed by the rocks, the colour of the sea and all the small details we saw on the rocky beach.

The vessels were thrown with porcelain, using a free flow technique, opening the shapes and keeping the marks of my fingers providing an organic aspect.

The vessels were decorated combining new glazes prepared in my studio from raw materials and oxides: two islandic glazes blue and green from Kristy Adam, gold metallic glaze from John Britt, volcanic turquoise and crackle glazes from Linda Bloomfield.

Ceramics offers almost infinite possibilities which I explore with passion.

The Kimmeridge series is exhibited from the 19th of Nov. until the 4th of Dec. 2022 at General Office gallery in Stourbridge.

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