Picture of three porcelain vessels inspired by the painting from Miro, the Constellations
Picture of three porcelain vessels inspired by the painting from Miro, the Constellations

Bringing contemporary ceramic pieces into your life

Wychbury Ceramics is the name of Bruno Vinel’s pottery studio in Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK. It is inspired by Wychbury hill under which the studio is set up.

Bruno’s ambition is to develop contemporary ceramic pieces, to offer a unique experience for the public and bring them into their life. Visit the gallery page to discover some of the pieces he produced. Commissions are welcome on a limited volume basis.

A French citizen, Bruno had the opportunity to live and work in five different countries (France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritius and the UK), to learn from their culture and be influenced by their arts. He has regularly visited museums and different countries to develop his inspiration, including Greece, Italy, the Netherland, Japan, the USA, Thailand, Peru and Chile.

In April 2018, Bruno started pottery as a hobby and a therapy to recover from health-related depression. It soon became a passion and necessity in his life (read more).

In 2019, Bruno relocated to Stourbridge, and in 2020, he built his own ceramic studio to allow him to develop his practice, despite the restrictions linked to the Covid pandemic. He joined the Midlands Potters Association and formed connections with local and London-based ceramicists.

In 2021, Bruno created four series of vessels inspired by his own experience with health, other artists’ work and the different places he lived. He participated in four exhibitions, co-curating one of them. These exhibitions offered him the opportunity to develop his artistic profile, providing him with valuable feedback from the public, and to fundraise for Prostate Cancer UK through the sale of his pieces.

He also launched the website www.ceramicstoday.org and interviewed established and emerging ceramicists to encourage the public to discover pottery.

To contact Bruno Vinel, please email at info@wychburyceramics.com.

Instagram @wychburyceramics

“Bruno has an eye for aesthetic beauty and is constantly pushing the boundaries of his skill sets”.

Becky Belcher, Sundragon Community Pottery’s founder and trustee

“Bruno was instrumental in the development of our first ceramics exhibition at General Office. His broad range of skills shone through his pieces with variety of approach and technical expertise”.

Simon Meddings, General Office Gallery founder


  • November 2021 – Woodhouse Gallery, Moseley, Birmingham, UK – Midlands Potters Association collective exhibition.
  • November 2021 – General Office Gallery, Stourbridge, UK – Contemporary ceramics exhibition.
  • July 2021 – Rugby Gallery and museum, Rugby, UK – Midlands Potters Association collective exhibition.
  • June 2021 – Lightwood House, Birmingham, UK – Midlands Potters Association collective exhibition
  • September 2019 – The Old Print Works, Birmingham, UK – Sundragon Pottery collective exhibition
  • August 2018 – MakeMore Festival, London, UK – Turning Earth collective exhibition

Wychbury Ceramics
Stourbridge, United Kingdom

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